ADVICE for 2016

Hey there!

So its a New Year. And for a lot of people this means a clean slate, a new beginning or a chance to start over. But there are some of us that just get caught up in the same old cycle of life; not really living. Don’t get me wrong, they WANT to live, and they WANT to change, but they just haven’t been given the right motivation in the right form. So that’s what this post is for. Its a pep talk. Share it around. You don’t know, it could be just what some people need to hear. Writing it was very refreshing!

So you want to see a change in your life? Be it. Be your own change. Embrace it and follow it through. Change can be good, its not always scary. Don’t be scared. Take risks, but don’t be foolish. Be calculated. Set goals and stick to them. Work hard. Nothing comes from nothing. Daydreaming? Don’t let your dreams be just dreams. Act on them, who knows what could come of them. Want to be happier? Look up from your screen into the big movie that is your life. Its always playing, you don’t need to charge it. Don’t depend on social media for happiness. Look for real-life followers, not numbers on a webpage. Make real friends. Make true friends. Ones that you can rely on. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Do things because they make you happy. Live to impress yourself and not other people. Create a life worth living. Complain less. If you can read this with your own two eyes, you are blessed. Don’t forget that. Be grateful, be humble, be kind. Smile more and worry less. Sing loud and dance proud. Laugh hysterically; do it for your soul and not for likes or follows. Be everything you’ve ever wanted to be. You can do it. Want to succeed as much as you want to breathe. Don’t give up. Be adventurous. Travel, explore, and learn. Read books and sleep. Be healthy – it is what your body wants. Be passionate. Love. Don’t stress, it okay. 2016 will be a great year. 

Enjoy the sunshine x

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