ADVICE for 2016

Hey there! So its a New Year. And for a lot of people this means a clean slate, a new beginning or a chance to start over. But there are some of us that just get caught up in the same old cycle of life; not really living. Don’t get me wrong, they WANT to… Continue reading ADVICE for 2016


Time for a change?

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With the new year rapidly approaching, now is the time where everyone wants to initiate some sort of change in their life. While some might dislike or shy away from the idea, I always say that you can never have enough! Change is good for the soul and if you…

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DIY First-Driver’s gift Packs!

Hey there! So a while ago now I got my driver’s license along with a couple of my other friends. Their birthday was coming up and I was trying to think of a practical yet cute gift to give them when I came across this idea on Pinterest. I thought it was a GREAT idea.… Continue reading DIY First-Driver’s gift Packs!

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Quote of the Day!

Hey there! Today’s quote of the day I chose due to its relevance for me at the moment… I’ve been super busy and can’t really seem to find the motivation to get things done. I always feel like chilling, and lazying around just for the hell of it! But then, I always end up procrastinating… Continue reading Quote of the Day!

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Benefits of Colouring in!

Hey there! How many of you reading this used to colour in when you were younger? Everyone. And it was fun wasn’t it? Or when the teacher would hand you a picture and your assignment for the rest of the hour was to decorate it? ahhh those were the days! Now it’s ‘Hi students, here… Continue reading Benefits of Colouring in!


Quote of the day – June 29th!

Hey there! Immerse yourself in this beautiful quote I award ‘Quote of the Day’! Enjoy the sunshine x

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Why music is amazing!

Hey there! I’m on holidays!!! Finally its been a long term coming… Exams, assessments, more exams, performances, its been really hectic! So I am SO glad to be finally on a break! Awesome things have happened this past week though… My band’s Facebook page reached over 500 likes – which we all think is really… Continue reading Why music is amazing!