It’s been so long!

Hey there! Wow. It has nearly been 9 months since I last at down to write a blog post! Trust me when I tell you A LOT has happened since then! This year has been crazy busy and we’re only 3/4 of the way done! It has gone by so fast and I honestly do… Continue reading It’s been so long!

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Redesign? Giveaway? Domain name?

Hey there! You may be wondering why in the world my blog looks a little different. Or you may not be wondering. Whatever you’re wondering about, take your time now to refocus your thoughts to this post! My blog sunshinecraving has undergone a few changes and I’m very excited to tell you all about them. The… Continue reading Redesign? Giveaway? Domain name?

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My Birthday!

Hey there! You all don’t know how terrible I feel for not posting yesterday!!! I have a good reason though I swear! Well, as you can probably tell, it has something to do with Birthdays… Yesterday I had a Bonfire with all of my friends and family and I got a little preoccupied getting ready/preparing… Continue reading My Birthday!

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General Update!

Hey there! Its officially the start of winter! And for some of you that means the start of summer! But its sooooo cold here today! Like freezing… My ears feel like they’re about fall off, my hands are numb and I think I can feel the liquids inside of me turning to ice! Hahah anyway… Continue reading General Update!