Christmas Countdown

1 DAY: The of end my Countdown!

Hey there! Well. Hasn’t time flown! I can’t believe that I have written 24 consecutive posts about Christmas and the holiday season! That’s dedication hey?! Its been so much fun yet so tiring at the same time. The main reason for that being school, as I would finish my school work and hurry and write… Continue reading 1 DAY: The of end my Countdown!

Christmas Countdown

8 DAYS: Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

Hey there! I had a pretty busy day today, but guess what?! I finished all of my Christmas shopping! I only had to buy five gifts today but within hours I had completed the task that at the start of the day seemed somewhat impossible! So here I am now, sharing my wise and knowledgeable… Continue reading 8 DAYS: Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

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Why worrying is overrated!

Hey there! Its Saturday and I’m sticking to my routine! Woohoo! Well, I’m not sure if you have noticed, but somewhere to your right now lies a ‘Social’ bar. It contains links to my other social media accounts including now an Instagram. Yay! I’d really love for you to go and give me a follow?… Continue reading Why worrying is overrated!