It’s been so long!

Hey there! Wow. It has nearly been 9 months since I last at down to write a blog post! Trust me when I tell you A LOT has happened since then! This year has been crazy busy and we’re only 3/4 of the way done! It has gone by so fast and I honestly do… Continue reading It’s been so long!

Christmas Countdown

12 DAYS: Things to do when you’re bored during the holidays!

Hey there! I’m back again and gladly not in the early hours of the morning! I’ve nearly recovered from my PCSD (Post Concert Stress Disorder) and the tiredness that comes from standing/jumping/dancing/screaming for 4 solid hours. So thank you Taylor Swift and of course Vance Joy for one of the best nights of my life!… Continue reading 12 DAYS: Things to do when you’re bored during the holidays!

Christmas Countdown

14 DAYS: Smile with me!

Hey there! I’m finally on Christmas holidays! Woooohooooooooo! Its a pretty good feeling actually! It has been a pretty busy year and I am glad school is done and dusted for another semester! And due to all this positivity I’m feeling, I thought I’d share with you some things to make you smile… Christmas memes!… Continue reading 14 DAYS: Smile with me!

Christmas Countdown

24 DAYS: Christmas Countdown!

Hey there! Its officially, according to my countdown on the sidebar widget if you scroll down – 24 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. So happy first day of summer to those in the southern Hemisphere! And also a shout-out to those in which today was their first day of winter ..(sorry!) You’ll have noticed that I changed… Continue reading 24 DAYS: Christmas Countdown!

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April Favourites!

Hey there! I can’t believe that its May tomorrow! This year feels like it is flying! Seriously world, like slow down a bit.. You’re turning to fast! Anyway with that said let’s get into my April Favourites! My first is a beauty product – Sukin’s Micellar Cleansing Water Image credit http://bit.ly/1DMmgyD It really is a great product.… Continue reading April Favourites!

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Quote of the Day

Hey there! Feeling like I haven’t posted in a while… woops! Today’s post will only be short though – My quote of the day! “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein We used to have this quote displayed in our bathroom, I always though it was… Continue reading Quote of the Day

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Weekly Reading Challenge!

Hey there! So recently my friend and I have started between us a weekly reading challenge. And it is pretty much exactly as it sounds! Each week we chose a book for each other and we must read it within the week. So far it has been going well, we have been reading for 5… Continue reading Weekly Reading Challenge!