Christmas Countdown

1 DAY: The of end my Countdown!

Hey there! Well. Hasn’t time flown! I can’t believe that I have written 24 consecutive posts about Christmas and the holiday season! That’s dedication hey?! Its been so much fun yet so tiring at the same time. The main reason for that being school, as I would finish my school work and hurry and write… Continue reading 1 DAY: The of end my Countdown!

Christmas Countdown

6 DAYS: Christmas Quote of the Day!

Hey there! So I just went and watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it was awesome. Like really really good. So I definitely recommend if you haven’t already, to go and watch it! Also, today I had an early Christmas lunch with my Mum’s side of the family and it was a really lovely… Continue reading 6 DAYS: Christmas Quote of the Day!

Christmas Countdown

7 DAYS: Makeup Looks to try this Christmas!

Hey there! Who doesn’t love dressing up on Christmas day? All the reds and greens, golds and silvers that we incorporate into our clothing are always so stunning! So why not continue the prettiness and don a cute and festive makeup look?  It may seem like more work, but I can assure you after browsing through some… Continue reading 7 DAYS: Makeup Looks to try this Christmas!

Christmas Countdown


HEY THERE! Okay, okay, okay… I am a few minutes late to post this but I PROMISE I have a good excuse! I JUST WENT TO TAYLOR SWIFT. It was literally the best night of my life. And Vance Joy was reallllllyyyyyyy freaking awesome as well! So I know this post isn’t Christmassy because between… Continue reading 13 DAYS: OMG OMG OMG

Christmas Countdown

14 DAYS: Smile with me!

Hey there! I’m finally on Christmas holidays! Woooohooooooooo! Its a pretty good feeling actually! It has been a pretty busy year and I am glad school is done and dusted for another semester! And due to all this positivity I’m feeling, I thought I’d share with you some things to make you smile… Christmas memes!… Continue reading 14 DAYS: Smile with me!

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Quote of the Day!

Hey there! Today’s quote of the day I chose due to its relevance for me at the moment… I’ve been super busy and can’t really seem to find the motivation to get things done. I always feel like chilling, and lazying around just for the hell of it! But then, I always end up procrastinating… Continue reading Quote of the Day!

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Benefits of Colouring in!

Hey there! How many of you reading this used to colour in when you were younger? Everyone. And it was fun wasn’t it? Or when the teacher would hand you a picture and your assignment for the rest of the hour was to decorate it? ahhh those were the days! Now it’s ‘Hi students, here… Continue reading Benefits of Colouring in!