ADVICE for 2016

Hey there! So its a New Year. And for a lot of people this means a clean slate, a new beginning or a chance to start over. But there are some of us that just get caught up in the same old cycle of life; not really living. Don’t get me wrong, they WANT to… Continue reading ADVICE for 2016

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My Bucket List!

Hey There! Its back to cold weather here today! I’m in a library and there’s this really loud group of girls sitting near me- you know like loud enough so you can hear every word of their conversation and they’re drowning out all of your thoughts? Well that’s them. So not a highly intellectual post… Continue reading My Bucket List!

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Why Holidays are Awesome!

I’m currently on Autumn break and I only have a few days left before heading back to school… I was getting a little disappointed at why they were ending so soon but then had a change of mind and decided to tell myself all the great things about holidays! So without further or do lets… Continue reading Why Holidays are Awesome!


Throwback Thursday

We all love reminiscing.  It is a part of human nature. We love sharing past experiences to connect with those around us. And we love the feeling of re-living these significant moments.So while ‘throwing it back’ is pretty mainstream, it brings our memories to life again, allowing us to simply remember.  And with that, I’ll… Continue reading Throwback Thursday