It’s been so long!

Hey there! Wow. It has nearly been 9 months since I last at down to write a blog post! Trust me when I tell you A LOT has happened since then! This year has been crazy busy and we’re only 3/4 of the way done! It has gone by so fast and I honestly do… Continue reading It’s been so long!


ADVICE for 2016

Hey there! So its a New Year. And for a lot of people this means a clean slate, a new beginning or a chance to start over. But there are some of us that just get caught up in the same old cycle of life; not really living. Don’t get me wrong, they WANT to… Continue reading ADVICE for 2016


Time for a change?

Originally posted on Simple Alyssums:
With the new year rapidly approaching, now is the time where everyone wants to initiate some sort of change in their life. While some might dislike or shy away from the idea, I always say that you can never have enough! Change is good for the soul and if you…

Christmas Countdown

O DAYS: Christmas is here!

Hey there! Don’t want to intrude on your Christmas day or anything, but I just wanted to check in with you all and wish you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I appreciate every one of you and hope you enjoy a safe and fun day! Just a reminder – I HAVEN’T forgotten about my Christmas Giveaway!… Continue reading O DAYS: Christmas is here!

Christmas Countdown

1 DAY: The of end my Countdown!

Hey there! Well. Hasn’t time flown! I can’t believe that I have written 24 consecutive posts about Christmas and the holiday season! That’s dedication hey?! Its been so much fun yet so tiring at the same time. The main reason for that being school, as I would finish my school work and hurry and write… Continue reading 1 DAY: The of end my Countdown!

Christmas Countdown

2 DAYS: Glittery Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Originally posted on Little Craft Corner:
Get ready to add some whimsy and lots of glitter to your Christmas tree! Making snowflake ornaments demands a little patience and a firm hand when making the shapes, but these are so incredibly fluffy-looking, shiny and gorgeous that they’re definitely worth all the time spent. You’ll need: White…

Christmas Countdown

3 DAYS: 11 Christmas Table Setting Inspo!

Hey there! I have writer’s block. It sucks. I think there are only so many consecutive posts you can write about Christmas without starting to repeat yourself! But not to worry, I remembered that sometimes people just like to look at pretty pictures. So that’s exactly what is in store today! Below are some of… Continue reading 3 DAYS: 11 Christmas Table Setting Inspo!

Christmas Countdown

4 DAYS: Christmas Party Games For All Ages!

Hey there! Ever been to a pretty boring Christmas Party? Well, once you’ve read this list I can guarantee that you won’t be attending those anymore! Not with the knowledge of these games anyway! This evening I have found for you what I think are some fun Christmas Games that you can play with either family or… Continue reading 4 DAYS: Christmas Party Games For All Ages!

Christmas Countdown

5 DAYS: Easy Christmas Brunch Ideas

Hey there! Saw this post in my reader and I knew I had to Reblog it! It’s summer over here in Aus as well so these ideas are perfect! Enjoy the sunshine x

Christmas Countdown

6 DAYS: Christmas Quote of the Day!

Hey there! So I just went and watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it was awesome. Like really really good. So I definitely recommend if you haven’t already, to go and watch it! Also, today I had an early Christmas lunch with my Mum’s side of the family and it was a really lovely… Continue reading 6 DAYS: Christmas Quote of the Day!